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CRM Companies

We have worked using DealerSocket, DealerMine,SM360, Orby, Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce,DealerConnect, Footsteps, Tailwind, Pipedrive as well as many others.

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Reaching Us

During these COVID times, we are happy to do remote training and monitoring. 
We have done this successfully in Canada the USA , Europe and the UK

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We have worked with the automotive, RV, Heavy Duty, Agriculture, Food Service, Window Coverings, Manufacturing, Logistics, and many others in the last ten years. We are experienced in sales, Fixed Operations, Manufacturing and Logistics to name a few.

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Contact Us

You may reach us via: 

Email: crmsolutionssales@consultant.com

Email: crmsolutions@kmwola.eu

Email: crmsolutions@shaw.ca

Phone: (011) 48 22 104 36 52 

Phone: 604-997-8535

TEAMS: crmsolutions@consultant.com